Book Reviews

November 1984 (VOL. 2, NO. 3)

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Earthquake Mitigation Policy: The Experience of Two States\r\n\r\nTropical Cyclone \\"Issac\\": Cyclone Impact in the Context of the Society and Economy of the Kingdom of Tonga\r\n\r\nReport on Damage Caused by Cyclone \\"Isaac\\" in Tonga.\r\n\r\nAlgeria Earthquake of October 10, 1980: A Reconnaissance and Engineering Report\r\n\r\nDisaster and Human Behavior\r\n\r\nDarwin\\'s Cyclone \\"Max\\": An Exploratory Investigation of a natural Hazard Sequence in the Development of a disaster subculture\r\n\r\nDisasters and Development\r\n\r\nA Plan for Research on Floods and their Mitigation in the United States\r\n\r\nEvacuation Behavior and Problems: Findings and Implications from the Research Literature\r\n\r\nEmergency Response to Mount St. Helens\\' Eruption: March 20 to April 10\r\n\r\nEmergency Planning Implications of Local Governments\\' Responses to Mount St. Helens\\'. \r\n\r\nCome Hell and High Water: Mt. St. Helens and the Federal Response on the Lower Cowlitz River\r\n\r\nEarthquakes and Earthquake Predictions: Simulating their Economic Effects.\r\n\r\nEconomic Aspects of Natural Hazards\r\n\r\nNatural Hazards and Public Choice: The state and local politics of hazard mitigation.\r\n\r\nThree Case Studies of Organized Response to Chemical Disasters\r\n\r\nSocial and Economic Aspects of Earthquakes\r\n\r\nRegulation of Flood Hazard Areas to Reduce Flood Losses, Volume 3\r\n\r\nNonstructural Flood Control Measures: A Sociological study of innovation\r\n\r\n