Household Adoption of Seismic Hazard Adjustments: A Comparison of Residents in Two States

August 2000 (VOL. 18, NO. 2)

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Residents of a high seismic hazard area were compared with those in a moderate seismic hazard area in terms of demographic characteristics, personal hazard experience, risk perception, hazard intrusiveness, and self-reported adoption of 16 hazard adjustments (preimpact actions to reduce danger to persons and property). The results show that the two locations differed substantially in hazard experience, somewhat less so in risk perceptions and hazard intrusiveness, and little in hazard adjustment. Multiple regression analyses supported a causal chain in which location and demographic characteristics cause hazard experience, hazard experience causes hazard intrusiveness, perceived risk causes hazard intrusiveness, and hazard intrusiveness causes the adoption of hazard adjustments.