Local Government Agencies’ Use of Hazard Analysis Information

March 2002 (VOL. 20, NO. 1)

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This study examined 97 Texas government agencies’ access to information about hazards in their communities. The data indicate that printed products are still used more extensively that Internet products, which suggests that the transition from print to electronic dissemination of hazard analysis information should not exceed local agencies’ ability to access the Internet. Moreover, land use planners (LUPs) consistently were found to use computer applications more than emergency management coordinators (EMCs). This suggests that federal and state agencies should consider facilitating EMCs’ access to hazard analysis information by utilizing the computer application with which their target audience is most familiar. Moreover, EMCs are more likely to make use of sophisticated hazard modeling applications if they have successfully mastered more basic computer applications or if they have partnered with LUPs in their communities who have mastered the advanced computer applications.