Learning and Usefulness of Collaboration Exercises: A Study of The Three Level Collaboration (3LC) Exercises Between The Police, Ambulance, and Rescue Services

November 2015 (VOL. 33, NO. 3)

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In this article, we studied collaboration exercises (3LC) between the rescue services, ambulance services, and police force, which were developed to enhance learning and usefulness. The exercises’ structure was based on identified deficiencies in previous collaboration exercises. The purpose was to test the exercise model in terms of learning and usefulness. Ten 3LC exercises were observed. A total of 65 semi-structured interviews were conducted (2011–2014) in connection with the exercises. The exercises contained across-boundary elements, seminars, and interactive documentation. The participants were given the opportunity to discuss, analyze, and critically reflect on their efforts. During the seminars, the individual actions were analyzed, which led to alternative strategies that were subsequently tested in a repeated exercise. Our results demonstrate that repetitive features and seminars during collaboration exercises promote learning toward an organic behavior and usefulness in the actual incident work.